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Our name is Veteran Transport, and it's not just because of the honorable ex-military personnel on staff, but our broad experience in transporting.

Quality Service

We understand that each transport must be tailored to each customer's specific needs, not every shipment is the same.

Accurate and Competitive Pricing

Each one of our representatives insures you will receive quality service and competitive and accurate pricing.

Risk Free Successful Transport

Our ultimate goal is the same as yours, to achieve a risk free, successful vehicle transport.




What Seperates Us From the Rest

At Veteran Transport Logistics we know that most people are shipping their vehicle for the first time. Whether it's because of relocation or maybe the purchase of a new vehicle is in works, whichever the case may be, once you place a quote online, it can become VERY overwhelming. An enormous number of phone calls, emails, and texts regarding various quotes may seem confusing and somewhat frustrating. Unless you have previously used their services, how can you possibly choose a company to trust with shipping your cargo, and know they will do the job you expect? Our name is Veteran Transport and it's not just because of the honorable ex-military personnel on staff, it is our experience in transporting. Every representative makes sure that not only do you get quality service, competitive pricing, but also accurate pricing which will ultimately achieve your successful vehicle transport goals. Time is one of your most valued commodities and that is why Veteran Transport Logistics is your go-to auto transport company! We understand that each and every transport deserves to be tailored to each customer's specific needs. We understand not every shipment is the same. Some people have very strict, demanding schedules that requires a specific service or they have a buyer/seller that requires their vehicle to be picked up on a strict schedule. Choosing Veteran Transport Logistics gives you the ability to rely on a company to get the job done hassle free because there is no transport too difficult for our veteran brokers.

The Veteran Expectation Transport Test

Setting the bar for all transport companies


The V.E.T. is the difference

One of the biggest differences at Veteran Transport Logistics is each employee we hire passes the V.E.T. TEST "Veteran Expectation Transport".



One of the most important factors in transporting your vehicle is having an experienced, veteran employee. Your broker makes all the difference between a transport done to your expectation, or just another horror story. Just because other shipping companies have been around for a decade or more, does not mean the representative handling your transport is experienced, or that they will still be employed by the time your pickup date comes around.



The "V.E.T." Test is not only a highly thorough screening of each employee's character but also a requirement to pass a rigorous test to prove that each rep is an experienced, patient, honest, and suitable employee.



The "V.E.T." Test insures each employee will make the correct business decision for any given shipping circumstance, no matter how challenging. In this way, Veteran Transport Logistics makes sure the employee is qualified to transport such valuable cargo, yours.

What Our

Customers Think

Very honest and the vehicle transportation went just as described. I will use this service again. The cost of the move was very acceptable.

Richard Suter

Extremely communicative and professional! Highly Recommend! Daniel at Veteran Transport transported my car without a single problem! He answered every call and explained the entire process so that I felt comfortable and knowledgeable. The driver called several times prior to arrival and dropoff and made sure he worked around my difficult schedule. I would HIGHLY recommend and use everytime!!!


Honest and Reliable. Simple as that. The name Veteran is an understatement! I had another transport company looking for a week to get me a driver so I was referred to Daniel so I called him and he got it done that same day! Amazing Service! I would highly recommend to anyone.

John C.

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